Hot Rods that are driven!


52 Chevy gets Polished

Once in the shop, a deep cleaning, a lot of cleaning really, and getting the car in running order. It takes time to build a car, and this one is no exception.

20130409-6 20130409-8

Floor and Interior starts, 28 Dodge

The rear seats have been designed and can be seen here in place before the upholstery goes on. The floor is near done too. The window regulators have been  completely refurbished.

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52 Chevy

A new car for the Miller shop. A very clean 52 Chevy, straight six, and a lot of work to do.


Flooring, Door Mechanicals 28 Dodge

The front seat has been heavily modified to fit over the transmission tunnel. The window regulators have been cleaned up, deep soaked to remove the rust. The floor is coming together too, piece by piece.

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Radiator Mounted, 28 Dodge

The new radiator fits well, right into the original shell. The headers have been finished as well. At the rear of the chassis, the gas lines have been submerged into the frame wall to prevent the wheels and rear suspension from touching. The rear compartment for the battery and compressor has custom doors, water jetted for perfect fit. The filler hose for the gas tank has been enclosed so that it can be vented to the outside.

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Headers and Seats, 28 Dodge

The headers have been tacked into place. They have been custom built, using bent tubing and flanges. The rear bumper is in place, and you can see a row of tack welds across the back that help keep the sheet metal solid. The gas tank is in, and vented to the outside, a housing for the filler tube is still needed. The rear seat is coming together too. The front seat will have to be heavily modified to fit over the transmission tunnel. Check out the light bar too, a very unique mounting system. A prototype air cleaner / scoop is underway as well.

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Body Off 28 Dodge

The body has been removed once again on the Dodge for addition frame modifications. The battery box and the compartment for the air suspension compressor is coming together in the back of the sedan,  The new wheels are pretty hot too. The back of the chassis which holds the under-slung suspension is shown below. At this point it is all just loosely tacked together to make adjustment more convenient.

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1930 Chevy Pickup

A soon to be ratrod in the make. Doing a bit of work to make it solid before it makes it’s way back to the trucks owner. This is going to be a fun truck once it’s complete.

20130204d-1 20130204d-3 20130204d-5 20130204d-7 20130204d-8

1928 Hupmobile

A new addition to the Miller coral, a 1928 Hupmobile Sedan. It may not look like much right now, but it’s going to get there soon enough. The dash has been woodgrained, a technique that was so popular so long ago.

20130204c-1 20130204c-4 20130204c-5 20130204c-6

Seat Pattern, 28 Dodge

Time for a rear seat.

It may not look  like much at this stage, but this is the first step, creating a pattern for what will become the back seat. The pattern is made of plastic laminate.  The floor is still not in, you can still see through to the undercarriage.